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Introduction to Fan Tan Live Casino

Fan Tan Live Game at Royal Circle Club Casino: RTP 96.25%-98.75%, Low Volatility | Expert Guide & Review. Lets dive into the ultimate guide to Fan Tan, the exhilarating casino game that has captivated gamblers for centuries.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a novice looking to delve into the world of Fan Tan, this comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a Fan Tan pro!

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Fan Tan Details & Information

Casino Royal Circle Club
Type Live Games
Game Volatility Low
Fan (1/2/3/4) 2.85:1
Odd/Even 0.95:1
Big/Small 0.95:1
RTP Ranges 96.25% to 98.75%

Fan Tan Game Introduction

Fan Tan, also known as fantan, is a classic Chinese gambling game with a history dating back over 2,000 years. Its origins trace back to China, and it later found its way to the United States through Chinese immigrants during the 19th century.

Today, Fan Tan is predominantly played in East Asia, in casinos and gambling houses, and among Chinese communities worldwide. Some casinos in Nevada even offer this exciting game. In Fan Tan, a square layout is placed on the table, with sides marked 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Players place their bets on any of these numbers, and the banker initiates the game by ringing a bell to end the betting phase. The banker then releases a double handful of small objects, such as coins, beans, or buttons, numbering around 200, covered by a metal bowl.

The banker segregates a portion of these objects and swiftly removes the remaining items four at a time using a bamboo stick until only four or fewer are left. The remaining number determines the winning bet, with a traditional payout of 3 to 1. In modern casino versions, the winning bet is paid at 4 to 1, with a 5% commission.

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What Is the Fan Tan Online Casino Game?

The allure of Fan Tan transcends physical casinos and extends to the online realm. Fan Tan online is a game of chance that offers multiple variations, making it an exciting choice for casino enthusiasts.

When playing Fan Tan online, you’ll most commonly encounter the version involving the use of beads. This game begins with the dealer covering a portion of the buttons with a cup, typically around 60.

Players then place their bets, and the dealer reveals the buttons underneath, counting them out in groups of four. The payout is determined by the number of buttons in the last group, ranging from one to four. Wins pay fair odds, with a 5% commission applied to the win amount.

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Live Dealer Fan Tan Online Casino Rules

One of the most popular versions of Fan Tan found at online casinos is the live dealer format, offering a player-versus-house experience. The gameplay layout closely resembles that of the sic bo table game, with various betting options available for players.

The dealer begins by placing beads or cards in a cup, concealing them from view. Players then place their bets on the outcome. After bets are placed, the dealer reveals the beads or cards and counts them in groups of four.

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Fan Tan Payouts & Odds

When playing against the dealer in Fan Tan online, you can explore several intriguing bet types, each with its unique odds and potential payouts. Here are five of the most common Fan Tan online bets:

  1. Fan Bet: In this bet, you predict the exact number of beads or cards remaining in the final group, which can range from 1 to 4 (or 0-3 in some casinos). The odds for this bet are 3/1.

  2. Nim Bet: Similar to the Fan Bet, but with two numbers instead of one. One number results in a win, while the other is a push. The odds for Nim Bet are 2/1.

  3. Kwok Bet: Like a Nim Bet but with both numbers resulting in a win. The odds for Kwok Bet are evens.

  4. Nga Tan Bet: This bet involves three numbers, with two resulting in a win and one as a push. The odds for Nga Tan Bet are 1/2.

  5. Sheh-sam-hong Bet: Similar to Nga Tan Bet, but with all three numbers leading to a win. The odds for Sheh-sam-hong Bet are 1/3.

How to Win Fan Tan

You can follow our simple 5 tips below to win at Fan Tan, included trustworthy casinos, free gift & bonuses, reliable payment methods, understand the game and startegic card play.

1. Trustworthy Casinos

  • To ensure a secure and enjoyable Fan Tan experience, choose a reputable online casino. Look for casinos with a valid license and a strong reputation within the gambling community. Consider the payout history and the casino’s reliability.

2. Free Gifts and Bonuses

  • Online Fan Tan casinos often offer enticing bonuses, commissions, and promotions to attract and retain players. Take advantage of these free gifts to enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning.

3. Reliable Payment Methods

  • Select a trusted and secure payment method for your Fan Tan bets. Options like credit cards, debit cards, online payments, and pre-paid cards are common. Research and choose a method that aligns with your preferences and provides a safe and convenient way to play.

4. Understand the Game

  • Knowledge is power in Fan Tan. Familiarize yourself with the rules and odds of the game. Explore resources and engage with fellow gamblers to exchange advice and insights. The more you know, the better your chances of success.

5. Strategic Card Play

  • In Fan Tan, strategy can make a difference. When playing, aim to play 7s in suits with end cards. Encourage others to play cards in suits where you hold end cards, granting you leverage in the game.

In conclusion, Fan Tan is a captivating game that combines chance and strategy, making it a thrilling choice for both new and experienced gamblers. With the information and tips provided in this guide, you’re well-equipped to embark on your Fan Tan journey and aim for success in this ancient and exciting casino game.

Where to Play Fan Tan

For an unparalleled Fan Tan gaming experience, the Royal Circle Club Casino stands out as a top-tier destination for enthusiasts. With its rich history and commitment to providing an authentic and thrilling atmosphere, this casino is the ideal choice for those seeking the excitement of Fan Tan.

Royal Circle Club Casino’s dedication to delivering an exceptional gaming experience is evident from the moment you step through its doors. The casino’s opulent décor and welcoming ambiance set the stage for a memorable gaming adventure.

What sets Royal Circle Club Casino apart is its extensive selection of Fan Tan tables, each offering a unique twist on this classic game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Fan Tan, you’ll find tables suited to your skill level, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.


In conclusion, Fan Tan is a game steeped in history and excitement, offering players a unique blend of chance and strategy. From our detailed exploration of Fan Tan in the introduction to understanding how to play this thrilling game and delving into its game features, we’ve equipped you with the knowledge to embark on your Fan Tan journey with confidence.

And for those aiming to win at Fan Tan, our tips and strategies are your valuable allies. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, Fan Tan’s charm and suspense are undeniable. It’s a game that brings people together, creating an unforgettable experience that transcends time and culture.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fan Tan is a classic Chinese gambling game with a history dating back over 2,000 years. It is a game of chance where players place bets on numbers, and the outcome is determined by the number of objects left after a banker removes them four at a time.

Fan Tan can be played online with variations using beads or cards. Players place bets on the outcome, and the dealer reveals the beads or cards to determine the winning bets.

Fan Tan offers various bet types, including Fan Bet, Nim Bet, Kwok Bet, Nga Tan Bet, and Sheh-sam-hong Bet, each with its unique odds and potential payouts.

To improve your chances of winning, choose trustworthy casinos, take advantage of free gifts and bonuses, use reliable payment methods, understand the game’s rules and odds, and employ strategic card play.

Yes, there are different variations of Fan Tan, including the traditional version played with beads and a card version called Super Fan Tan. Each variation has its unique rules and gameplay.

In modern casino versions of Fan Tan, the winning bet is typically paid at 4 for 1, with a 5% commission. The house edge can vary depending on the specific bet type and casino rules.

Yes, Fan Tan is often available in a live dealer format at online casinos. This version offers a player-versus-house experience with a layout similar to sic bo.

For an exceptional Fan Tan gaming experience, you can play at the Royal Circle Club Casino, known for its opulent ambiance and a wide selection of Fan Tan tables.

When selecting an online casino for Fan Tan, look for casinos with valid licenses, a good reputation, and a history of reliable payouts. It’s essential to ensure the casino is known for its trustworthiness.

Fan Tan combines elements of chance and strategy, making it a thrilling choice for gamblers of all skill levels. Its rich history and captivating gameplay make it a unique and timeless casino game.


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