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Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game Review & Free Demo

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing 2 demo game to win at Royal Circle Club. Step into a mesmerizing aquatic realm unlike any other with Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing 2 Game, an extraordinary creation that merges the thrill of shooting with the allure of prehistoric sea creatures.

Brought to you by Royal Circle Club Casino, this captivating game immerses players in a dynamic universe where dinosaurs, dragons, kings, and other formidable beings roam the depths. Armed with an array of potent weapons, challenge your accuracy and strategic prowess as you hunt these magnificent creatures for epic rewards.

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How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing


To play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, you should understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet, paylines and selecting the game room. Follow our guide below to learn how to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing!

1.Understanding the Game Mechanics

  • In order to fully enjoy and excel at playing JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, it’s crucial to grasp the core mechanics that drive the game.
  • These mechanics ensure a captivating and rewarding gaming experience for players.

2.Placing Your Bet and Paylines

  • In Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, placing your bet and understanding the concept of paylines are fundamental to your success in reaping substantial rewards.

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

  • One of the key aspects of the game is the target control system, which offers players the convenience of auto-shooting.
  • This feature enables you to focus more on strategy and decision-making rather than continuous clicking.
  • This innovation not only streamlines the gameplay but also lets you immerse yourself fully in the excitement of the hunt.

Choosing Your Weapon

  • Strategically selecting your weapon is another pivotal element of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing.
  • Different weapons have distinct attributes and shooting patterns, impacting your effectiveness in capturing the various targets.
  • Whether you opt for precision or area coverage, your choice of weapon significantly influences your success rate.

Bet Adjustment

  • The game offers a flexible bet adjustment feature that empowers players to tailor their bets according to their preferred risk level and potential rewards.
  • As you increase your bet, the jackpot amounts also escalate, creating a dynamic environment where you can choose your comfort zone or aim higher for grander triumphs.
  • This personalized approach to bet adjustment adds a layer of strategy to the game, allowing you to optimize your gameplay based on your individual preferences.

3.Selecting the Game Room

  • The game offers various game rooms to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges.
  • Selecting the right game room is crucial to tailor your experience according to your gameplay preferences and goals.

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Game Features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

There are multiple game features in Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, included rewarding target range, special dinosaurs & their unique features, strategic bet adjustment and unlocking jackpot prizes. Let’s start exploring by checking out each of them below!

1.Rewarding Target Range

  • Set your sights on dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, Golden Smilodon, and Golden Mammoths, each offering unique challenges and enticing rewards. Every shot you take holds the promise of a substantial prize, making each moment of gameplay a riveting adventure.

The Jackpot System

  • Seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, this system presents players with the tantalizing opportunity to win a 1000X reward.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to secure your accumulated winnings by skillfully targeting the Light Dragon King.
  • This intriguing twist adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement, giving you the power to decide when to claim your rewards and when to continue your pursuit of even grander prizes.

2.Special Dinosaurs and Their Unique Features


Dive deeper into the gameplay and uncover an array of special dinosaurs, each bringing a distinct feature that can enhance your chances of success:

  • Sprint Triceratops: Conquer the Sprint Triceratops to unlock a thrilling series of sprints on the field. During this time, you possess the opportunity to capture other dragons by sprinting into them—a dynamic and exhilarating way to increase your rewards.

  • Electric Lizard: Overcome the Electric Lizard and trigger an electric net that envelops the area. This net holds the potential to capture dragons within its electric field, providing you with an electrifying advantage.

  • Bomb Frog: Defeating the Bomb Frog triggers a detonation that can capture dinosaurs within its explosive radius. Strategically utilize this explosion to your benefit and seize precious rewards.

  • Golden Mammoth: Take on the challenge of defeating the Golden Mammoth to secure the displayed prize amount on the Prize Panel. Your victory against this mammoth symbolizes a significant step towards accumulating remarkable winnings.

3.Strategic Bet Adjustment

  • Intricately intertwined with your gaming strategy is the ability to adjust your bets strategically. By increasing your bet amount, you amplify your chances of winning and augment the potential prize amounts.
  • The game offers a range of bet options, from the lower end of Bet 0.1 with a Jackpot of 100-200, to the high-stakes Bet 60-100 with a Jackpot of 60,000-120,000.
  • Your chosen bet level plays a pivotal role in determining the scale of your triumphs.

Dragon King Showdown

  • By conquering two Special Dragon Kings, you unlock the riveting “Dragon King Showdown” mode. Engage in an intense showdown, where your ability to predict the winner over five rounds directly influences the multiplier.

Crystal Dragon and Gashapon Mini-Game

  • Your encounters with the Crystal Dragon introduce a thrilling dimension to your gameplay.
  • Aim your shots carefully to shatter the precious crystals adorning its body.
  • Successful shattering rewards you with high-multiplier prizes and heightens your potential to inflict damage on the Dragon itself.

Furthermore, capturing the Holy Light Dragon King opens the gateway to the captivating Gashapon mini-game. With three rounds to engage in, this mini-game presents opportunities to win an assortment of Bonuses and Energy Stones. As you accumulate the required Energy Stones, you’ll unveil a diverse array of prizes, including Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini rewards.

4.Unlocking Jackpot Prizes

  • A fascinating feature embedded within the game is the unlocking of jackpot prizes through dragon interactions. Every interaction with a dragon presents a chance to win a prize drawing opportunity.
  • Unlocking these prizes is contingent upon meeting specific bet conditions, ensuring that each victory is accompanied by the possibility of an additional reward.
  • As you accumulate prizes, you’ll receive a proportional accumulated sum based on the type of prize you’ve secured.

Harnessing the Free Waterspout

  • Harnessing the power of accumulated energy, the Free Waterspout feature grants you the ability to unleash a powerful waterspout that inflicts substantial damage.
  • As you shoot and accumulate energy, the potency of the waterspout is determined by the bet ratio and current bet.
  • However, be aware that the accumulated energy is subject to time constraints—if you disconnect for three days or if the game disconnects, the energy is depleted.

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How to Win Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

You can follow our simple 5 tips below to win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing, included master your aim & timing, strategic bet adjustment, exploit special features, unlock jackpot prizes and strategically deploy energy.

    1. Master Your Aim and Timing:

      • Auto Shoot: Leverage the auto-shoot feature to ensure accurate targeting of dinosaurs, eggs, and special creatures.
      • Weapon Choice: Select weapons strategically for optimal performance against different targets.
      • Crystal Dragon: Target the Crystal Dragon’s precious crystals for high-multiplier prizes.
    2. Strategic Bet Adjustment:

      • Bet Wisely: Adjust your bets based on your risk tolerance and potential rewards.
      • Jackpot System: Aim for specific bet ranges to unlock various jackpot tiers.
    3. Exploit Special Features:

      • Special Dinosaurs: Capitalize on their unique features, like capturing dragons with Sprint Triceratops and triggering electric nets with Electric Lizard.
      • Dragon King Showdown: Predict winners to increase multipliers and bonuses.
      • Gashapon Mini-Game: Collect Energy Stones for chances at grand rewards.
    4. Unlock Jackpot Prizes:

      • Interaction Rewards: Continuously engage with dragons to unlock jackpot drawing opportunities.
      • Prize Accumulation: Accumulate unlocked prizes, proportional to the type you win.
    5. Strategically Deploy Energy:

      • Free Waterspout: Gather energy by shooting and unleash powerful waterspouts for significant damage.
      • Energy Management: Keep track of energy accumulation to make the most of its impact.

Where to Play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

We recommend you to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing at Royal Circle Club. Embark on an unforgettable gaming journey at Royal Circle Club.com Casino, where the captivating world of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing awaits you.

Immerse yourself in a prehistoric realm teeming with excitement and rewards, as you aim, shoot, and conquer a diverse range of targets, from dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs to Golden Smilodon and Golden Mammoths.

As you explore this distinctive dinosaur-themed fishing game, you’ll be drawn into an immersive experience that combines skill and strategy for exhilarating gameplay. At Royal Circle Club Casino, the thrill is not just in the hunt, but also in the prospect of winning big through the game’s enticing jackpot system.

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In the captivating realm of JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game, introduced through our engaging overview, players are beckoned into an underwater adventure teeming with prehistoric wonders.

“How to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game” provided the essential compass for mastering this thrilling pursuit, unveiling the mechanics, weaponry, and strategic bet adjustments. “Games Features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game” illuminated the rich tapestry of opportunities, from the prized Golden Mammoth to explosive Pterosaurs.

And in “How to win Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game,” strategic wisdom and patience were unveiled as keys to prevailing in this alluring oceanic arena. Embark on this Mesozoic odyssey, capturing treasures and relishing victories as you conquer the depths!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game at Royal Circle Club Casino is an exciting underwater shooting game that lets players hunt prehistoric sea creatures for thrilling rewards and bonuses.

The game employs an auto-shoot feature, automating the shooting process. Players can focus on aiming while the game takes care of firing, enhancing accuracy and strategy.

Players can select from powerful weapons like Shotgun Attack, Huge Bone, and Dragon Fire. Each weapon offers unique advantages, affecting gameplay and potential rewards.

Before starting, players can adjust their bets based on their strategy and comfort level. Higher bets yield more significant rewards, but responsible betting is crucial.

Different game rooms offer unique challenges and rewards. Carefully choose a game room based on your skills and strategy to maximize your gaming performance.

Capturing the Golden Mammoth awards players with prizes based on the paytable. Increasing your bet raises your chances of winning bigger bonuses and rewards.

Defeating the Effects Dragon triggers the Bomb Frog explosion, capturing dragons within the blast range. This dynamic feature adds unpredictability and excitement.

Eliminating the Oviraptor grants random weapons, while the Pterosaur’s consecutive explosions enhance the chance of capturing dragons. Both features offer strategic advantages.

Leverage features like the Flying Dragon Wheel, Meteor Burst, and Golden T-Rex for multiplied rewards. Understanding these elements enhances gameplay.

For an immersive and thrilling gaming experience, Royal Circle Club Casino offers Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing Game. With a user-friendly interface and enticing bonuses, players can dive into the adventure and enjoy seamless gameplay.

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